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Please feel free to contact us by sending email to All contact is handled exclusively through email.


For web design, questions about advertising, or game support, please
send email to

If you require additional or faster methods of technical service other than email, we will make every effort possible to provide any reasonable additional forms of contact information. This is done on a per-case basis.

For game support about a specific game, send email to:

We generally do not offer game hints or tips via email. Most of that is handled via the in-game chat rooms and message boards.

How do I become a message board moderator?
Our message board moderators have been hand selected by the game creators. Moderator titles are handed out on a per-case basis by the forum administrators. We try to select mature, responsible players that have a distinguished track record as regular posters in our forums. Frequently posting useful information in our forums and aiding our newer players is the only road to becoming a moderator. Please, do not contact us about becoming a moderator.

How do I become a beta tester?
Occasionally, we hold a public beta test for our products. When we are conducting such tests, we will post news on our web site or on the proper message boards notifying the public of such a test. We will normally provide ample time for willing participants to sign up for our beta tests. These testers are then selected on a per-product basis. Please, do not contact us about being a beta tester, as we generally offer everyone a fair chance at becoming a beta tester. We do, however, reserve the right to conduct closed or in-house beta tests of our products at any time.

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