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Can I create a link to your web site or games?

Yes! We actively encourage webmasters and game fans to post links back to our sites. Please use or the appropriate game link from the domain since other pages may be less static and less reliable. However, we do make every attempt to keep all past links valid through methods such as page redirection.

May I use your images on my web site?

Provided that the entire site is non-commercial and for non-slanderous entertainment, you are permitted to use our images on your site. The images may not be used by a web site that will directly or indirectly compete with any of our sites. Any other use of our images or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

May I link to images and other files on your sites?

We would ask that you do not directly link to our images and files. Unless the files are being linked to from our site (from our message forums or in-game communication pages), please download the images and serve them from your web server.

Can you tell me how to .... with my web page?

We are constantly bombarded with questions regarding web design, web programming, systems administration, and all other aspects of maintaining a web site. Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual assistance with any aspect of web site creation.

Why does your page not work?

Most of our web sites are designed for Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. We try to accommodate all other browsers to the best of our abilities, but sometimes fall short in reaching that goal. For the latest version of Internet Explorer, click here. For Netscape, click here.

Where can I get web hosting for my site?

Cold Fire Studios provides a variety of different web hosting packages. Please visit the web hosting section of our web site for more information. We have a web hosting plan that will fit any type of commercial web site that we create for you or your company.

Web Site Construction

Let Cold Fire Studios produce your personal or corporate web site! See the services section of our web site for details. We will custom design your web site and any special scripts that your site would require. Contact us at if you have any topics or questions not covered on our site. We also offer competitive hosting plans for web sites we construct!

Where do I send suggestions, corrections, and comments about the Coldfire Web site?

Contact for all matters regarding this web site.

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