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Since its establishment in 1999, Coldfire Studios has been one of the premier publishers of free, massively multiplayer, online games. In just a few short years, Coldfire Studios has emerged as a leader in the free online gaming industry, while becoming one of the largest and most respected publishers of online games.

Coldfire Studios began as the simple side project of three undergraduate Kent State Computer Science students (Andrew Davis, Michael Heidenreich and Todd Bogovich) in June of 1999. As the company's first project, WWII, began to take shape, the dream of creating a company dedicated to high quality online gaming and entertainment began to take form. Only with the later additions of Roy Heath and Michael Coulton would Coldfire Studios continue to grow and flourish as the company expanded into several other gaming markets, as well as into online consulting and web hosting. As the years passed on, Coldfire Studios slowly took center stage as one of the elite online gaming companies.

With blockbuster titles such as Space - Glory Through Conquest and WWII - War of Supremacy under the company's name, Coldfire Studios has created an unparalleled, free, online game community. The company's next project, tentatively titled Dark Age, also promises to deliver the same, indescribable experience.

Headquartered in Brimfield, Ohio, Coldfire Studios remains a privately owned and managed company. As the company enters into its tenth year of operation, it continues to keep its pledge of producing only the best in online games, while offering other premier services and continuing it's expansion into other areas of Internet commerce.

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