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Dark Age

The galaxy has erupted into a massive full-scale war between the 10 space-faring species of Space. As Commander of a small fleet on your homeworld in an uncharted sector of Space, you must expand your empire by means of exploration, diplomacy, or war.

As you expand, you must colonize and bioform conquered planets to better suit your species, then change the planet's infrastructure to produce ore, credits, production, research, or a combination of the four.

Research is an important part of being able to compete with other players. You can research economic technologies to increase the amount of resources you gather each hour or you can research more advanced ship types and ship components in order to conquer opposing players more easily.

Above all, diplomacy is the key to Space. One person alone can conquer without the aid of allies. You must join forces with up to 3 other players to form an alliance. Alliances can mass their fleets together to conquer opposing enemy fleets and players, propose Non-Aggression-Pacts with nearby alliances in order to focus on your enemies one at a time, and trade resources and planets with your allies in order to obtain the necessary materials needed to run your empire.

You can do all of this and much more in Space: Glory Through Conquest.

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